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Restaurants in New Jersey

No one should ever have to decide between having fun and enjoying a nice meal. That is why the themed restaurants of New Jersey are worth the visit! These themed restaurants are a highlight to any fellow travelers’ story. Take a look at the top five themed restaurants that are a must when visiting New Jersey. 

  1. Visit Archetypus for your cozy cave cravings! A bustling spot for lunch or dinner, Archetypus has everything you could ask for, from romantic settings to something rather unique. Their cavernous walls and dim lit dining room gives you a feeling of exploring the caves, all while you get to enjoy delicious meals! Rumor has it, their desserts are out of this world! 
  2.  Cuban Pete’s Restaurant and Tapas has it all. If you’re looking for something authentic, be sure to stop here for a delicious cuban dish. With happy-to-help servers and a tropical aesthetic, you’ll forget you’re in New Jersey. 
  3. Stop by at the Garlic Rose Bistro for a bite! Awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, this hip spot incorporates garlic into every one of its dishes! The perfect spot for date night, granted you bring a few mints, this place has a lot to offer, including the Garlicious Reward Program that lets you earn free menu items! 
  4. Are you so used to eating on the go that it’s become the norm? Well pump your brakes and take a seat at Clinton Station Diner! With the option of dining in a vintage train car, you’ll meet your match with their 50 pound Mt. Olympus burger and you’ll feel right at home (or well, on the go!)
  5. Do you find yourself eating while watching a show? At Elaine’s, they go above and beyond, offering live performances with your meal! If you arrive early enough, they have a porch seating area with live music too! 

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