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Advanced Light Based Technology

Laser Treatments in Millburn, NJ


Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation may sound complicated and intimidating, but more commonly known as “laser,” this innovative technology is the go-to therapy for those who want an effective procedure for myriad issues with long-lasting results.

Laser treatments at the Millburn Laser Center in Millburn, NJ range from acne scars and fine lines to hair and tattoo removal. We have 10+ lasers to get the job done and treatments only require a few follow-up sessions.

How Do Skin Lasers Work?

Lasers are sources of high-intensity light that can be targeted into small areas to treat various skin conditions. When the lasers create a wavelength of light, it is attracted to different colors and therefore can treat diverse conditions on our skin (i.e. a laser attracted to brown can be used to improve sunspots).

The overall goal is to destroy the target cells while preserving the surrounding tissue. The laser’s ability to conduct short pulses creates a focused treatment and reduces the amount of tissue heated by the damaged cells, therefore, reducing downtime. Light energy also stimulates new collagen growth, which helps repair the damaged tissue.

What Can Lasers Do For Your Skin?

Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment in Millburn, NJ

Fraxel Dual 1550/1927 and other skin resurfacing lasers can treat fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, large pores, and scarring.

The treatment causes microscopic injuries to the dermis (middle layer of the skin) and as it heals the layer of skin will promote collagen production. The result is smoother and younger-looking skin.

What to Expect

The Fraxel skin resurfacing procedure is an in-office treatment that takes between 30-60 minutes. A topical anesthetic and a thin layer of gel will be applied to the skin prior to treatment. A hand-held device will glide across the skin to deliver short bursts of light-based energy onto the target area(s), causing a light prickling or burning sensation.


There is minimal discomfort after treatment. Most patients experience 1-2 days of swelling, 2-4 days of redness, and 4-7 days of flaking.


Patients can see noticeably clearer skin within 7-10 days.





Lasers for Redness, Brown Spots, and Blood Vessels

Vascular laser, or VBeam, uses a pulsed dye laser that targets the hemoglobin in the blood. It selectively destroys extra blood vessels without damaging the surrounding skin cells, making it an excellent treatment for redness, blood vessels, rosacea, red patches, scars, warts, stretch marks, birthmarks, port wine stains, and spider veins.

What To Expect

Anesthetics or numbing cream are applied to the treatment area. The VBeam Laser produces a short and mild snap like a rubber band during treatment which takes 5-15 minutes.


Any post-treatment redness, swelling, or bruising will subside within a few days.


Most people experience maximum results in 2-4 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Lasers such as Alex Trivantage delivers a shorter pulse of energy (in the pico-range rather than the nano-range), making it a safer, faster, and more effective treatment.

Using this innovative technology, the laser breaks up ink pigments using powerful shockwaves instead of heat, providing a more aggressive removal without side effects such as burning, scarring, or hyperpigmentation.

Alex Trivantage can treat multi-colored tattoos on a variety of skin types. For more information on laser tattoo removal, visit

 What to Expect

Because tattoo removal treatments in Springfield, NJ use more energy compared to other laser procedures, patients may experience more discomfort. A numbing cream may be used to minimize discomfort. The procedure time will depend on the size of the area to be treated. 10 minutes is common for an average sized tattoo.


Patients may see an immediate whitening of the skin which will subside immediately after the treatment. Other side effects include temporary mild swelling, redness, and bruising 1-3 days post-treatment.


Six weeks after the first Alex Trivantage treatment, the body begins breaking down ink. This means that the time between treatments will make the process long, but the number of treatments is also not pre-determined.

Laser Hair Removal

Lasers for hair removal work by targeting pigment, particularly, the melanin in hair follicles. The laser heats and damages them down to the base, disrupting hair growth. It can be used on the face, neck, underarms, legs, back, chest, and bikini line. In Millburn, NJ, we offer the Gentle Yag laser for darker skin tones and the Gentle Lase Pro U for lighter skin tones. 

What to Expect

The doctor may apply a topical anesthetic to the skin to reduce any discomfort during treatment. As the laser beam passes through the skin, a warm pinprick sensation may be felt.


Skin may become red or itchy after treatment and may persist for up to 24 hours.


Some of the patient’s hairs may shed within a few days of their first treatment session. After completing the recommended number of sessions, most patients are free of the unwanted hair for several months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Lasers Safe?

A: Non-ablative lasers are considered noninvasive. Even if they can reach the deeper layers of the skin, the epidermis is not damaged. There are no open wounds and little to no downtime. And during treatment, you will wear special goggles to protect your eyes from the laser beams. Laser treatments are generally safe when performed by a board-certified dermatologist. And as with any other medical treatment, you must educate yourself on both the benefits and limitations of a procedure. Be sure to ask questions about how the laser works and what you can expect after treatment.

Q: How Many Laser Treatments Will I Need?

A: Your treatment plan will depend on the type of laser used, the location, depth, size of the targeted area/s, and how well you respond to the procedure.  Almost all laser treatments require a series of treatments that need to be performed consecutively, scheduled anywhere from a few days apart to 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Q: When Is The Right Time To Have Laser Treatments?

A: It is never too late to consider laser treatments to rejuvenate the face. The correct time is as soon as you see unwanted changes on your skin, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Tattoo removal, on the other hand, also works regardless of one’s age.

Q: Can Laser Treatments Be Paired With Other Laser Treatments?

A: Yes. Almost all laser facial treatments can be combined with other laser treatments. For best results, consult with your dermatologist in order to address all your aesthetic goals and to create the best treatment plan for you.

Q: Are There Any Dos and Don’ts Before And After Treatments?

A: Before any treatment, avoid excessive sun exposure or tanning two weeks prior to treatment. Do not wear makeup, lotion, and other products on the targeted area/s before your appointment. During the first 24 hours following treatment, minimize strenuous activities, avoid sun exposure and tanning beds, use sunscreen throughout your treatment process, moisturize frequently, and apply a cold compress or ice pack on the treated areas (if necessary).

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