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Hiking Trails in New Jersey

There is something healing about being in the great outdoors. If you find yourself in New Jersey looking for a way to explore nature, think of taking a hike. With a number of different trails to choose from, you truly can’t go wrong. 

Wharton State Forest is unlike most hikes, as you won’t find yourself in a park. Instead, you’re surrounded by Pinelands for over 120,000 acres! Don’t worry about getting lost, however. Wharton State Forest is a single tract hiking destination that is great for visitors and those who are just trying to get their feet. 

Whereas Wharton State Forest is great for beginners, there are other hiking trails in New Jersey that offer a bit more of a challenge to visitors. One can find a perspiring hike with Sourland Mountain. Offering beautiful views of boulders from Devil’s Half Acre and Roaring Rocks, this hike is definitely more of a battle. 

Other scenic hikes include Wyanokie High Point. To get to the most beautiful view of this hike, it involves quite a bit of uphill travel so it isn’t for the faint of heart. But on your journey, visitors pass by Chikahoki Falls and the Otter Hole. Once you reach the top, given it is a clear day, visitors can also see a full view of New York. 

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