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Parks in New Jersey

If what you’re looking for while in New Jersey is something more scenic than an indoor museum, then you’re in luck. With a number of different parks to take a leisure stroll through, these parks are home to some incredible sights. 

Liberty State Park: With views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, you’ll get a taste of New York without having to leave New Jersey. This park is scattered with tree-lined walkways that are absolutely breathtaking. The state park also offers waterfront views, which is great for visitors that prefer to be near bodies of water but also enjoy the greenery. Stop by at Liberty State Park for a day in the outdoors, while also enjoying glimpses of the Empty Sky Memorial. 

High Point State Park: If the panoramic hilltop views doesn’t make you want to stay for the day, then perhaps the activities that High Point State Park has to offer, will! While enjoying the sun and lush forestry, visitors also have the option to go for a swim in the local lake. The lake also provides access to boating and fishing, as well as jet skiing, while the trails provide the perfect hike. 

Stephens State Park: Stretching 805 acres and offering 6 miles of greenery, Stephen State Park is bustling with activities! Several trails here give way to rustic looking bridges, that are ideal for photos whether you’re a newcomer or a regular. Its freshwater river is a great place for fishing and it’s a great stop if you’re planning to camp! 

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