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Upper Vailsburg

Located in Newark, Essex County, Upper Vailsburg, NJ is a vibrant and dense urban neighborhood. Moving here, prepare to be met with everything a big city has to offer — easy access to various amenities, a well-developed infrastructure, noise, and a fairly high level of criminal activity.

The Upper Vailsburg Neighborhood

Upper Vailsburg, NJ is a paradise of affordable housing of decent quality. People moving to the area will be pleasantly surprised by the number of single-family houses and apartment units available for rent at a low price. One of the main selling points of the neighborhood is its dog-friendliness — a lot of people living here keep dogs. 

Despite being located in the heart of Newark, Upper Vailsburg is pretty removed from the main transit ways of the area and often misses out on all of the action. While the area itself is fairly walkable, with all sorts of shopping destinations located within walking range, for those planning to commute to other neighborhoods, it’s recommended to get a car.

Dermatology in Upper Vailsburg, NJ

Shopping sites, historical landmarks, and beautiful streets are not the only things making Upper Vailsburg, NJ a wonderful place to live. Both locals and tourists in the area worship Millburn Laser Center. This medical facility is known to be the best cosmetic dermatology clinic in the entire region.

Treatments offered

The Millburn Laser Center in Upper Vailsburg, NJ offers a variety of cosmetic, medical, and surgical dermatology treatments. Our board-certified specialists have a tremendous experience with a broad range of skin-related issues. Schedule an appointment at the Millburn Laser Center for:

Things To Do in Upper Vailsburg, NJ

Upper Vailsburg, NJ is a typical residential neighborhood that is not exactly rich in landmarks or entertaining activities. The most popular thing to do in Upper Vailsburg is shopping as the area has a wide range of boutiques and regular stores. Additionally, people living in the area, as well as tourists visiting the place can:

  • Enjoy great food at one of the many local restaurants. Being a dense urban neighborhood, Upper Vailsburg, NJ benefits from having an abundance of restaurants for any taste. Visit one of the small local cafes or enjoy the high-end environment and cuisine in one of the exquisite restaurants spread throughout the neighborhood.
  • Have a nice, relaxed walk at Ivy Hill Park. This park is one of the main outdoor destinations in the neighborhood. Ideal for walking, jogging, and biking. This place is also safe for kids, with a spacious playground and multiple sports fields. In addition, Ivy Hill Park in Upper Vailsburg, NJ offers a designated public gym area with free gym equipment available year-round.

Schedule a Consultation with a Dermatologist in Upper Vailsburg, NJ

Millburn Laser Center in Upper Vailsburg, NJ is a state-of-the-art facility offering a wide variety of skin-related treatments. Call us today or schedule a consultation with our board-certified dermatologists by filling out our online form

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