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The Livingston Neighborhood

Livingston is a vibrant, thriving community in Essex County. It’s home to many successful people and has long been one of New Jersey’s most elite communities when it comes to prosperity. The Township of Livingston offers something for everyone with its diverse economy that includes education at all levels from primary schools through college oratory programs.

It’s a beautiful place to live, with plenty of activities going on in the area. There are always fun and exciting events happening, and you can find restaurants that will suit any palate.

Activities in Livingston

Outdoor Activities

The 28-acre public garden, Greenwood Gardens, is nestled in between 2,110 acres of Essex County Park System’s South Mountain Reservation. The garden was privately owned by the Blanchard family,  until 2003 when they decided to transform their estate into an open space for everybody.


The Livingston Mall is a great place for all types of shoppers, with over 90 stores and two levels to explore. You’ll find everything you need, from high-end clothing boutiques that carry top names in fashion to quality furniture stores.

The Mall at Short Hills is a well-established shopping destination in the suburbs of New Jersey with some top-notch stores like Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus. With over 40 unique retailers, it has something for everyone.


THAVMA Mediterranean Grill is a popular spot for locals who want to enjoy good food in the company of friends. On nice days, the large outdoor terrace provides plenty of space and shelter from sun or rain, while patio umbrellas keep you cool when it gets hot outside.

The culinary experience at Bloom is one you won’t soon forget. Temptingly beautiful dishes with a French and Korean twist are just what the doctor ordered for any budding foodie. If that isn’t tempting enough, they offer free parking after 4 pm!

Performing Arts

Livingston Community Players is a local theater company that has been producing plays and musicals for many years. They have won awards from the New Jersey Association of Community Theaters, including a Perry Award for their production of Annie! 

The New Jersey Ballet is a world-class ballet company that has toured internationally for generations. The dancers are famous across the globe and often perform complex pieces with grace, elegance, fluidity – all while making you feel like royalty.

Cosmetic Dermatology in Livingston

Located in a beautiful area just three miles from The Mall at Short Hills, New Jersey’s Millburn Laser Center is the perfect destination for anyone looking to improve their health with a variety of cosmetic dermatology services. Not only do we offer many different types of treatments with lasers that can provide instant results, but our staff will always make sure you feel cared for and comfortable throughout your visit.

Popular Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments Offered

Schedule a Consultation with a Dermatologist in Livingston

The team at our dermatology office in Millburn is committed to natural-looking, beautiful results. We use an array of treatments and lasers for customized care plans tailored specifically toward each patient’s individual needs – so you can be confident that your appearance will never again feel like something left up to luck; it’s all about what we do. Contact us today for a consultation or call us at (973) 315-8590.

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