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The very moment you step into the neighborhood’s borders, you realize that Irvington, NJ is a very special place to live in. It’s full of magic that only old, historical places hold. Located in Essex County, New Jersey, Irvington is a wonderful neighborhood of architecturally perfect homes with a unique charm to them.

While one of the most significant historical landmarks of the county, Irvington, NJ is also a very affordable place to live in. With a population of 61,176, this neighborhood is as diverse and eccentric as it gets.

The Irvington Neighborhood

The Irvington community is considered one of the best in the county to live with a family. Low crime rates and a generally friendly attitude of the locals create a positive environment for raising children. The neighborhood offers public schools with a high-quality education and a few public Christian schools.

Irvington is a highly walkable community, with its main amenities located right next to each other. This place is perfect for carless people — you can live anywhere within the city borders and simply walk to the main shops, local restaurants, and entertainment sites.

Dermatology in Irvington, NJ

For both locals and tourists visiting the area, the Millburn Laser Center in Irvington, NJ is the main cosmetic dermatology destination in the area. With dozens of services available, it’s easy to find the exact one you’re looking for. 

Treatments offered

Visit Millburn Laser Center in Irvington, NJ to be pleasantly surprised by the broad range of services offered. Our team of board-certified dermatologists helps with all cosmetic, surgical, and medical skin concerns. At our center, you can get:

Things To Do in Irvington, NJ

Irvington, NJ is known not only for its abundance of beautiful historical homes. Both locals and people visiting the area are fascinated by a large number of various activities the neighborhood has to offer. Visit Irvington and:

  • Enjoy the scenery while walking through Branch Brook Park. This beautiful park is a perfect place for relaxed walking, biking, skating, or simply having a picnic. With its astounding vegetation and bridges, this park is a favorite place for Irvington denizens and tourists.
  • Walk with your dog — or alone — at Irvington Park. Located in the very heart of Irvington, Ellenberger Park is the main outdoor destination in the neighborhood. The site offers everything one needs for quality entertainment — a pool, playing grounds, basketball and tennis courts, baseball diamond, and indoor space available for rent. 
  • Experience real hiking at Lenape Trail. This 36-mile trail is a real challenge even for experienced hikers. The trail connects many parks and historical landmarks so it’s definitely worth visiting.

Schedule a Consultation with a Dermatologist in Irvington, NJ

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